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Technically we are a supplemental program for Independent Study and Home Schoolers.  We are also available to Public and Private School Students for after-school tutoring, enrichment, and our new Social Entrepreneurship Club.


We are a fully approved Vendor to  Charter Schools which are fully accredited schools.  Home School Families are able to enroll their children through the Charters and most or all of the cost of our program can be covered depending on the time of the year you enroll.


If you are an independent Home Schooler and have signed an affidavit with the State of California, then the cost of our program would have to be paid out of pocket.


We have our own full curriculum that includes all core subjects, and enrichment classes in music, art, poetry, acting, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement with an emphasis on land, sea, air, and people.


We have accredited teachers and professionals for instructors. So, whether you are an independent Home Schooler or with a Charter School, we can ultimately meet all the requirements. We are able to generate all the work samples you need to meet State of California requirements. It does take family involvement and homework, but our creative approach typically means less homework than most public or private schools.


If you are a part of a charter school your children are

able to attend a maximum of 12 hours per week.  



Goals for the Youth Members Center

1. Center for Collaboration for Home School and Independent Study Students & Families

Discovering the right path for the individual and supporting them as they walk that path is the foundation to success. This is the thematic approach I have utilized in all applications of mentoring and guidance.

Together with service providers, students, and homeschool families, we have identified the need to provide an environment where students are able to work individually and corporately. Independent Study Students and home-schooled students are often isolated from their friends. We are creating an environment where students and families are able to collaborate together, inspire one another, complement one another, and enjoy a social environment.

2. Family Support strategically designed for each and every individual

One of our highest goals is to offer qualified and nurturing support to students and families who Home School and are working through an Independent Study program.  At our Center we establish written goals with the families, creating a strategic plan supporting the students and their families according to their style and approach. We invite parents and guardians to use our center as a second home, as an academic resource, and a place they can trust when they are not able to be there with their child, that our staff is continuing with the agreed-upon plan. Our intent is not to "babysit" but to share in the development of each individual with excellence.

3. Creative Expression Through the Arts and Civic Engagement

We will maintain our theme in the Arts and Civic Engagement.  Whether students are focusing on the Arts or not, our environment will use the Arts as the foundation of our support. Reports have shown that exposing children to the Arts contributes to certain development areas of the brain. Therefore, the value of our Center may even be higher for those students who are focused on science, math, and engineering. We welcome all students to participate and share in our Center's unique environment and hope to inspire creative expression and engagement in civic responsibility.

We are a Heartland Charter Schools Approved Vendor.

We are a Blueridge Academy Charter School Vendor.

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