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Songwriter's Contest Winner Showcase, Spring 2022

Noël Tsoukalas is a 19-year-old pop singer/songwriter who is currently studying Commercial Music at Point Loma Nazarene University. Noël was born in a small town in Kentucky, and moved to Mississippi, Chicago, and Santa Barbara California! She was one of the winners of the Santa Barbara Songwriters contest with her first original song, “The Girl In Your Story”, which has been released on all music platforms. Noël hopes to sing professionally and perform and write as much as possible. We recorded a second original called "Oblivious" as well.

Oblivious masterNoel
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Makena Tate is a singer-songwriter from Santa Barbara, California. She has been writing songs and performing since she can remember. After releasing her debut single, Dead End, in August 2021, she has been hard at work on new music. She draws inspiration from Phoebe Bridgers, Joni Mitchell, and most notably, her guitar and songwriting teacher, Kate Wallace. She currently attends Berklee College of Music where she is double majoring in songwriting and performance. Her goal is to tour the world creating music for people of all ages to enjoy

2 Makenna Dead End (V5)
Noel Tsoukalas
Makena Tate

Lydia Burdorf is a songwriter and folk musician local to the Bay Area. She writes and sings about the healing power of nature, the sun coming through the clouds, and endless love.  She shares a deep message in her song "Sober," below.

SOBER imix 9-6-22Lydia
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Lydia Burdorf



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Elinana Girdler

Eliana Girdler is a 19 year old singer songwriter, guitarist and worship leader. She was born and raised in Oxfordshire, England and moved to Santa Barbara, CA when she was 12 years old, and is currently attending school at Westmont College. Eliana performs regularly and is passionate to further her musical career, and to bring her music to as wide an audience as possible, including plans to perform in Nashville Tennessee next Summer.

HERE WE GO AGAIN mix 8-26-22Eliana
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Elliana Girdler

Featured and Partnering Artists

Gia's music speaks to self-empowerment - a journey she knows well.  Her first two heartfelt singles, "Hold Me Again" and "Never Lonely" hit #4 and #3 on iTunes singer/songwriter charts. Her songs feature a smooth, Latin jazz rhythm and vibe that is influenced by a decade of living part-time in Mexico. On her forthcoming album, she’s co-written a number of songs with hit makers and recently won first place in the SANTA BARBARA CREATIVE EDUCATION/MUSIC EVENTS singer/songwriter contest. A New Zealander by birth, Gia resides in Santa Barbara, California performing her original material as well as American Jazz Standards.  GiaLeveMusic can be found across all streaming and media outlets

Gia Leve

Cal & Daniel Morris
The Violin Twins

Two of SB Music Events' greatest supporters! Almost a decade ago Joseph Natale, Founder & Director of D'Arezzo's Santa Barbara Creative Education met both Cal and Daniel on random, separate occasions, not knowing they were related... a crazy and spectacular story worth hearing! When they all figured it out, both Daniel and Cal played major concerts for SB Music Events, helping to raise funds for the Youth Scholarship Fund! Check out both incredibly talented artists as well as contact them for bookings! Keep an eye out for cameo appearances here in Santa Barbara on our Events Board. Daniel Morris has also produced 3 of Joseph Natale's own songs including one he wrote at 8 years old for his mother.

Morris Twins

SBCE Founder, Joseph Natale's songs 

Just Cheryl mix 1Joseph Natale
00:00 / 02:42

Eric Lumiere has a longstanding career as a versatile songwriter and singer crossing as many music genres as any artist who ever lived! In 2018, Joseph Natale was watching a movie while flying to Canada on a business trip. Joseph's ears perked up when he heard this incredible voice and deeply touching songs in the background. He looked up the artist and downloaded the Artist's album. Soon after he was pinged with a request to complete a survey on why he chose the music. Joseph wrote a very complimentary review and was contacted by Eric who was moved by the review. From that point on a friendship and a bond was developed between one another. Eric has been a regular featured artist at several of the SB Music Event fundraiser concerts. Eric also guided the SB Creative Education Music Class in the creation of a music video produced by the class for one of Eric's most beautiful songs called GIANTS. See the links below to Eric's website and the GIANTS Music Video. Eric will continue to be a regular artist so keep your eyes out for the Event Schedule!

Eric Lumiere
Marcello Ray

Marcelo (Ache) Rey contacted Joseph Natale to perform his Tango Music & Dance at Club Natale Bay Villas Resort in the Caribbean owned and operated years ago by Natale. Ache started his career at 8 years old, born in Argentina as the youngest Tango Artist. A descendant of the founders of Tango, Ache's career has grown into an international performer. Rey and Natale who have become close friends recently hosted an incredible performance fund raiser in Santa Barbara.  This incredible Tango Spectacular will return again in the future!

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