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Enrichment Goals

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Discovering Music Through The Ages

Music is found in every known culture, past and present, varying widely between times and places  including the most isolated tribal groups.  Experience 1st hand the originations of music from clapping hands, Cuneiform, Pythagorean Tuning of the Diatonic Scale; From Gregorian Chants to Symphonies; Learn about the first hand written notation to contemporary software composition and editing. Participants will learn about each phase of the development of music and participate in recreating what they have learned. Group activities will include opportunities to invent new instruments, and create new genres of music.

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Expression & Techniques


Art participants will participate in learning experiences in drawing, painting, & contemporary art technology and multi-media. They will work with a variety of ways to depict a likeness from observation & examine ways artists have shown details & specific features in their artwork. Also, artwork from a variety of different times and places will serve as the basis for imagery. Participants will work individually and in groups recreating art from different periods and develop new ideas by combining techniques from different eras.




Storytelling, Software Skills, and Camera Work

In this creative, hands-on course, participants work with industry professionals. Participants will learn to write a storyline for movies, design flyers, hard copy, and online media and publications. They will learn to Write, produce, direct, capture, edit & master a short film. Through this process, Participants will explore composition, framing, & visual storytelling. Participants will get to know the still and video camera & how to creatively manage aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. The end products will include a stunning photo journal of their experience and a group production incorporating music, art, photography, and video addressing one or more community issues their class has engaged in.


Caring for Earth: Land, Sea, People


Participants will learn to think critically about social issues affecting them & their communities. Issues that can be explored are anything to do with the environment land or sea, and people including implicit bias, homelessness, and stereotypes. Participants will investigate ways to take responsibility for our environment and the people they care about, people in their communities, people they don’t know, and society at large. They will learn to use art to express their opinions and perspectives on social issues individually and in groups. The goal of Civic Engagement is to use creative expression through the arts to address public concerns, promote the quality of community & learn to work together to make a change or difference to effect positive impact.



Translating Heart, Soul & Life to Song

Study the fundamentals of Music Composition, while tapping into the creative soul. Study the components of the most appreciated classical compositions and #1 Popular songs including the musical structure, methods, and styles of the poetry of words. Work with a team of artists to create your own #1 song! Participants will be inspired to learn Music Theory and discover it is the true foundation and basis of all composition.


Creativity Translated Digitally

In order to thrive in the 21st Century artists need to understand how to merge their creative thinking with technology skills. Learn to weave arts and technology to develop multimedia communications & presentation skills. Artists whom master technology can amplify their impact by leveraging social media, online galleries, and digital marketing to reach a global audience


Life Enrichment Skills
& Empowerment

Real Life Survival In the 21st Century

Survival in the 21st Century has become an overwhelming task for young people. Youth are bombarded with challenges of survival in the face of constant political upheaval, economics, the cost of education, cost of living, advancements in technology, the web, media, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, Snapchat, wars, global warming, alternate currencies, and personal challenges. 

One of the key enrichment activities offered in our center is for each participant to be guided through the complicated structure of survival with a team of mentors including Mentors, Teachers, and Parents/Guardians. Together a personal Life Skills Goal Plan will be created involving all aspects of the participant's life.  The following includes a partial list of our Life Skills Empowerment Program:

  • Life Evaluation Survey

  • Understanding Personal Dreams & Visions

  • Current Gifts & Skills Survey

  • List of Skills Desired

  • Reaching the Highest Potential

  • Goal Planning

  • Financial Literacy, Management & Success

  • Communication

  • Relationship & Social Skills

  • Understanding Parents

  • Career Exploration 

  • Health Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Self Esteem & Individual Rights

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