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Teen Social ENtrepreneur Club

Learn, Earn, and Give Back

The Full Story

The SBCE Social Enterprise/Entrepreneurship Club is under the guidance and direction of Joseph Natale, an internationally experienced Business Entrepreneur and Social Enterprise Expert. Entrepreneurial youth learn to develop and help manage unique and profitable businesses.


Members learn PURE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE giving back to their community by allocating a portion of their profits to social causes helping land, sea and people.


Session Learning Objectives: Organizational Development, Budgeting & Financial Management, Market Analysis, Marketing, Planning and Implementation. Participants earn shares in an active company and learn Pure Social Enterprise.

Our Focus is on Local & Global Civic Engagement

Day & After School Sessions Available
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20 years ago, SBCE/Darezzo Center founder Joseph Natale started supporting an orphanage in Chiang Rai, Thailand. He sent a team out to access the need and how the funds would be utilized. In the process, they made a video that you can watch today. Their assessment was that the need is very great in that part of the world and that the orphanage had the potential to expand its reach and support the community. Many of these orphans had been rescued from human trafficking and abusive situations. 

20 later in the summer of 2023, Joseph Natale along with a team of motivated teens from the SBCE Social Entrepreneur Club, embarked on a transformative journey back to Chiang Rai. Their mission was to create an updated video that not only assessed the needs of the community but also showcased the remarkable growth and profound influence of the orphanage group.

This trip proved to be a resounding success, leaving a mark on the hearts and minds of the teens. Through extensive video coverage and insightful interviews, the team captured the orphanage's commitment to changing the lives of children and the community.

The experience had a profound effect on our Santa Barbara teens, instilling in them a newfound global mindset. They witnessed firsthand the evil accepted in developing countries and the power of love shown through the orphanage homes and the children.

The updated 2023 video is currently in post-production.

Thailand Trip
IMG_1222 (1) (1).jpg
Huailu Children 4.HEIC
Acoustic Performance

Mission of SBCE Teen Social Entrepreneur Club

Participants in the D'Arezzo Center for Creative Education will have an opportunity to engage in meaningful projects. They will learn about local and global issues and use their gifts, talents, and skills to bring awareness and effect change. 

D'Arezzo Center/SBCE Founder Joseph Natale created Heart Ventures.  This was the original vehicle for youth and adults to participate locally and globally in meaningful projects. Currently, D'Arezzo Center Members will have the same opportunity. 

The following are examples of projects students from around the world, including Stanford, Pepperdine, Westmont, local high schools, and international youth, have participated in.  

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Members of the D'Arezzo Center will learn about the creation of this document by Eleanor Roosevelt and its implementation. Together participants will discover opportunities to bring awareness of human rights through their creative gifts. This will include group projects that will ultimately be shared throughout the community in schools, non-profits, town meetings, businesses, and on the web.

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