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I am so honored at your interest in our program!


My name is Tony Joseph D'Arezzo Natale.  All 4 of my grandparents immigrated from Italy, and yes, they claim to be related to Guido D'Arezzo!  Perhaps it is true, because I began writing music on manuscript as a child before I had any music lessons. Creative expression is in my DNA.  I love to love people and inspire young people to discover their inner creativity and strategically discover their individual gifts and share them in a way that meets their personal vision and dream. Once youth are fully equipped we can then guide them to look outside themselves and contribute to their local and global community through the expression of their individual gifts, skills and talents.


Joseph D'Arezzo Natale

Founder & Director

D'Arezzo Center for Creative Expression

D'Arezzo Creative Education

Technically we are a supplemental program to Independent Study and Home Schoolers. We are not an accredited school, but a private organization. We are also available to Public and Private School Students for after-school tutoring and enrichment.


We are a fully approved Vendor to  Charter Schools which are fully accredited schools.  Home School Families are able to enroll their children through the Charters and most or all of the cost of our program can be covered depending on the time of the year you enroll.


If you are an independent Home Schooler and have signed an affidavit with the State of California, then the cost of our program would have to be paid out of pocket.


We have our own full curriculum that includes all core subjects, and enrichment classes in music, art, poetry, acting, entrepreneurship and civic engagement with an emphasis in land, sea and people. Mondays and Tuesdays we focus on academics (in a creative and fun way) and Wednesdays and Thursdays we do the enrichment classes.


We have accredited teachers and professionals for instructors. So, whether you are an independent homeschooler or with a Charter School, we can ultimately meet all the requirements. We are able to generate all the work samples you need to meet State of California requirements. It does take family involvement and homework, but our creative approach typically means less homework than most public or private schools.


If you are a part of a charter school your children are only able to attend a maximum of 12 hours per week.  Our formal hours for instruction and enrichment are from 9:30am to 12:30pm. We allow early drop off for a small fee. 


We also sponsor a Parent Cooperative that includes an after program opportunity. That program operates from 12:30pm to 2pm and includes Health & Fitness in the gym, board games, ping pong, and more opportunities for music, art and acting or, homework time if needed. If parents volunteer 2 afternoons per month, there is little cost, depending on how many children you have enrolled. If not, the program is still very reasonable in cost compared to most after school programs.


Starting in January 2020 we are going to offer an after school program for those attending public and private schools for homework and enrichment that will start at 2PM and go until 5:30. 

D'Arezzo Center for Creative Education Goals



1. Center for Collaboration for Home School and Independent Study Students & Families

Discovering the right path for the individual and supporting them as they walk that path is the foundation to success. This is the thematic approach I have utilized in all applications of mentoring and guidance.

Together with service providers, students, and homeschool families we have identified the need to provide an environment where students are able to work individually and corporately. Independent Study Students and home schooled students are often isolated from their friends. We are creating an environment where students and families are able to collaborate together, inspire one another, complement one another and enjoy a social environment.

2. Family Support strategically designed for each and every individual

One of our highest goals is to offer qualified and nurturing support to students and families who Home School and are working through an Independent Study program.  At our Center we establish written goals with the families, creating a strategic plan supporting the students and their families according to their style and approach. We invite parents and guardians to use our center as a second home, as an academic resource, and a place they can trust when they are not able to be their with their child, that our staff is continuing with the agreed upon plan. Our intent is not to "babysit" but to share in the development of each individual with excellence.

3. Creative Expression Through the Arts and Civic Engagement

We will maintain our theme in the Arts and Civic Engagement.  Whether students are focusing on the Arts or not, our environment will use the Arts as the foundation of our support. Reports have shown that exposing children to the Arts contributes to certain development areas of the brain. Therefore, the value of our Center may even be higher for those students who are focused on science, math and engineering. We welcome all students to participate and share in our Center's unique environment and hope to inspire creative expression and engagement in civic responsibility.

4. How did D'Arezzo Creative Education Vision Begin?


I am the father of 6, 4 biological and 2 adopted children and the grandfather of 14!


My wife and I have experience with a myriad of approaches to educating our children and grandchildren academically and with life enrichment skills.


I hold a Master of Science in Education and Business, experience teaching in Universities and High Technology. I have designed and implemented education programs for children and education and vocational programs for adults with learning challenges.


With my personal family and professional experience, I have founded a program based in Santa Barbara called D'Arezzo Creative Education for K-12  with the goal of providing opportunities for learning, enrichment and socializing for homeschoolers and independent study students from all walks of life.


Our goals are straightforward:

  1. Academic Tutoring, guidance and Support

  2. Enrichment in the Creative Arts including (but not limited to) Music, Art, Theater, Film, Poetry

  3. Teaching children about the real world IN the real world, including awareness of social causes such as caring for those in need right here in our own community and conservation of our earth, land, sea and wildlife.

  4. Provide a safe environment for children and parents to socialize

Our first year has been incredibly rewarding and successful. Proof of that comes from the testimony of the parents and the fact that our youth members never want to leave when the day is over!


We have truly become an extension of each and every family!


Our professional staff provide comprehensive assistance to families, students AND their teachers. One of our unique services is that we offer guidance and act as liaison between the student and the teacher to ensure that homework and work samples are meeting the standards. 


The following is a description of our program and services. After reading through this, I really believe it would be most helpful and informative for to meet in person, or speak on the phone. Virtually every single parent and teacher I have spoken to, has said that after speaking together there was so much more depth of understanding of what we have to offer and how we implement our program.


I oversee all Tutoring and Enrichment Activities. As you will see I have a Master of Science in Education and Business. I do teach and guide throughout the sessions along with our key, qualified staff.


Each of our staff have special talents and skills in private industry, education, as well as specific training with our methods. We also have guest/adjunct faculty who contribute greatly to our program. Only a few of them are noted on our website. For your information everyone goes through a live-scan, background check and our classes are video monitored. We also have a secondary live video streaming that parents can sign into to watch while we are in session!


Currently we have a total of 23 registered in our program with new registrations every week. Our numbers are pretty close to a split between ages 5-10 and 11-14. (Our 15-18 year old Program is completely separate). The numbers are also close to 55% boys to 45% girls as well. 


After you read through the program description below, please let me know when we might set a time to talk and/or meet.



D’Arezzo Creative Education offers “CHOICE EDUCATION” 

for Elementary through 12th Grade students.


Alternative Education Program and Homework Club with Tutors, for grades 3-12.

DCE offers Enrichment Activities and Courses that integrate the 4-Core Subjects through Project Based Learning. The foundation is Humanities based including Music, Art, Film, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Conservation. Whether fast-track, or needing more time, the program is designed to meet each student’s individual goals, talents and needs in a safe, social environment. DCE is a place where students can inspire each other, share, challenge and support one another to success and self-sustenance.


In the words of our Youth:

“D’Arezzo Creative Education is Awesome!

WE Learn to read, to write, to do math. We learn about history and about science

We learn about the real world IN the REAL WORLD:

  •       In the City

  •       On the Street

  •       At the ocean

  •       In the Forest

We take everything we learn and use Art, Music, Poetry, Creative Writing, and Videos to share what we have learned."



D’Arezzo Creative Education provides 3 Individual or Integrated Programs:

  1. Package Program Fully Funded Elementary through High School Diploma Program

  2. Enrichment Courses that integrate Core Subjects through Project Based Education through the Humanities including Music, Art, Film, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Conservation

  3. Academic Core Subject Tutoring, Career and College Guidance


Our staff includes Credentialed Teachers and Professionals who integrate our Enrichment Courses with the 4 Core Subjects.


We design our program to meet each student’s individual goals, talents and needs. Whether a young person is challenged or challenging, has or needs a job, is focused or seeking a focus, fast track or needs more time, we provide a safe, social environment where students can inspire each other, share, challenge and support one another to success and self-sustenance.  Our program includes bilingual staff and welcome people from all walks of life!



Mondays & Tuesdays HOMEWORK & Tutoring Hours

We ensure that every 20 minutes students get a good break.

Lunch time we will take students out to get energy used up. We can walk to the Courthouse, right in our facility we can play ping pong, foosball. I am also going to check with PAL to see if they might open their facility for us during the day.


Wednesday ENRICHMENT Activities integrating some core 

This means is that we will help students create work samples in English, Math, Social Science and Natural Science into our projects. For example, if we are writing up an advertisement for our Santa Barbara's Got Talent, we will have the students write a page introducing it. For math they will help create a budget...etc.



We take our learning and translate it into music, art, poetry, theater, film and more.

We have special guests come to do presentations, perform and do workshops

We will take tours of different music and arts programs

We will create artwork for the program

We will figure out what social need to donate our earnings from. 

We will do mock Talent Shows and judging with each other.



PAL offers automatic, free enrollment for tutoring and recreation 3pm-6:30pm


The Theme of D'Arezzo Creative Education is

"The Melody of 3-Dimensional Learning."


Integrating real world, project based, applied learning, integrating our enrichment activities with core curriculum is our tried and true method.


Here are some bullet points on plans going forward for this semester:


1. We will be operating 100% at our Facilities at the PAL Center at the corner of Chapala and Victoria.


2. We start out operating our formal program as follows: Mondays will be our Homework Club and Tutoring Days and Wednesdays and Thursdays will be our Enrichment Activities Days. Since we integrate the student's core subjects into our Enrichment Activities, the special projects will be reinforced. If we have enough students want Tuesday for Homework & Tutoring, we will open up hours those days as well.


3. Our base projects focus this semester will be built around our "Santa Barbara's Got Talent" project and our "Youth Film Festival on Social Causes." These will include both our academic focus as well as our enrichment activities. Using the platform of entrepreneurship, building the "business of SB's Got Talent" and "DCE Youth Film Festival" students will work together to build the business plan, including organization, marketing, graphic arts, recording, film, and much more. We will apply math in the financial model, and English. Art and Music in the marketing.  It will all culminate in a series of auditions that the audience can watch for free, then end up with semi-final and Finale where we will sell tickets. The proceeds will be split between D;Arezzo Creative Education,  and two social needs (people and environment) that the students will study and choose. We may tie in our work with endangered hawks as part of our science studies. 



Please let me know if you might have some time to meet. I can be reached by my cell phone: 


1-805-455-1124 or email darezzocenter@gmail.com . 


 We are an Inspire Charter Schools Approved Vendor.

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