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Sponsored by the D'Arezzo Center

Guido D'Arezzo
Founder of Modern Music

Innovate, Learn, Teach, Study,

Create, Design, Compose, Collaborate,

Share, Explore, Act, Perform, Participate, Appreciate

Guido Darezzo
  • 3-Dimensional Learning

  • The Melody of Life:

    • 4-Core Academic Tutoring

    • Music, Art, Theater

    • Entrepreneurship & Money Management

    • Civic Engagement

    • Life Skills, Performance

Your Child Is Worth It!

Academic Focus +
Music, Arts & Entrepreneurship Enrichment

CREATIVE ART by Students

Are you a Santa Barbara parent looking for a safe, child-focused, academically based program that includes enrichment sessions in music, art, theater, video, nature, conservation, civic responsibility, and entrepreneurship?


We Have a solution for you whether your child is attending public, charter, private, online, or home school. We offer a daily schedule with in-person Learning Stations staffed with Learning Coaches for grades K-12.


We offer tutoring and enrichment sessions from 9 AM-5 PM!

Early drop-off and late pickup can be arranged.

Space is limited so Register NOW.

We have 4  programs:

1) Day Program Tutoring and Enrichment

2) After School Program

3) Small Group & Individualized Tutoring & Enrichment

4) Entrepreneur Club (for 12-18)


1) Day Program Tutoring and Enrichment

This program is primarily set up for children that are homeschooled, although we do have students from charter schools, private schools and those on Private School Affidavits (independent study).  Times are arranged for group and individual sessions each day per week from 9am to up to 5pm. 


2) After School Program

This program has staggered start times based on when children get out of school and goes to 5:30pm

Children from all types of programs join us, private, public, charter, PSA, etc. 

The students work together in small groups, by general age cycling through stations led by our staff, including:

a. art

b. music: includes music theory, group singing, songwriting

c. theater: Children write and act in plays, improvisation

d. Spanish: Introductory Spanish offered in fun activities

e. Snack and playtime- sports, board games, free play and playground

f. Homework help


3) Small Group & Individualized Tutoring

This is focused tutoring and lessons in 4-core academics, Spanish, Music including theory, songwriting, voice, piano, guitar and drums. Other instruments are available upon request. We have a variety of tutors and music teachers that schedule directly with families for both small group and individual sessions. This is designed for both students who have a specific need or desire to focus one-on-one in an academic subject, Spanish,  or music, and also for students who prefer to work in small groups and a more focused and advanced level in Spanish and music. Also, we offer one-on-one music lessons in theory, songwriting, music production, piano, voice, guitar, drums and other instruments if our instructors are available. Times for this are arranged according to both availability of instructors and students. 


4) Entrepreneur Club 

This is a focused program on learning how to start and run a business, manage finances and give back to the community. The Entrepreneur Club works with existing businesses that the students have already set up as well as the development of new programs.  For more information go to our website page: 


  • Love Yourself

  • Care For One Another

  • Respect One Another

  • Be Safe With Words

  • Be Safe With Actions

  • Care For Our World

    • Land​

    • Air

    • Sea

    • People

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