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Goals, Objectives and Methods


I have been working very hard to design a family choice education support and enrichment program that meets the many family needs that have been expressed to me over the last year, so that it works best for all our families starting in the fall.


General Registration

You are welcome to to review our activities and tutoring schedule noted below. If you are part of a Charter School Program or Home School Program you may be able to use funds allocated for enrichment. Our fee schedule is noted below on the schedule. While you do register the children session by session, we highly recommend that you register your child in the consecutive classes on any given day. The reason for this is that the children feel more a part of the group if they all start together and end together. The two activities are also made to benefit each other. Also, students who are registered in the consecutive activities usually end up staying for the Recreation/Family Coop time as well. While we do not require this it is a good recommendation. 


Per the Fee Schedule published on our Website we offer an A-La-Carte Menu for Tutoring and Enrichment Hours. Families use their Enrichment Funds Certificate to pay for our program.



Families receive our full service, including a minimum of 10 hours per week of tutoring and enrichment services.  We provide all the required curriculum and materials, and work directly with the Inspire Teacher and the family to develop the perfect program and curriculum for the student. In this program the family opts out of receiving the Enrichment Funds. 


Morning Program is From 9:30am to 12:30pm (2 Sessions per day)

Mondays and Tuesdays 

  • We focus on Tutoring and Core Academics.

  • 9:30am to 11:00am we work with students on their studies individually.

  • 11:00am to 12:30pm we have age-group instruction for core subjects.

  • Fitness & Health (PE) Contact for details


Wednesdays and Thursdays: (2 sessions per day)

  • 9:30am-11:00am Music, Art, Theater

  • 11:00am-12:30pm Social Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, Conservation

    • (we integrate both core studies and art and performance into both sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays)

  • Fitness & Health (PE) Contact for details

Enrichment Program: Humanities, Performance, Art, Music, Conservation, Social Awareness expressed through Artistic projects, Entrepreneurship: The children learn about the real world, in the real world. First we research, then we go out to see what we study. Everything we do is fun and enriching, but also includes real world learning. We demonstrate what has been learned and how we have been enriched through many artistic expressions, such as plays, writing poems, speeches, music, art, photographs, and videos. Children will own shares in a company that puts on events to raise funds (and earn a little money) for social causes like food for the poor and restoration of trails and protection of endangered species.  Families can choose to have their children participate with or without producing work samples that are consistent with their Inspire requirements. Basically we can integrate the academics within the Enrichment Program if desired. About 50% of the families choose this option.

Our primary Goal is to support both academic learning and enrichment with understanding about living in the real world.

I have worked with Inspire Charter Schools to offer two different programs, and each program has the same ultimate offering.

1. D'Arezzo Creative Education: Regular Vendor Program available to all students including home schools, charter schools, public schools, private schools, independent studies

Register by Email to darezzocenter@gmail.com. Include Student Name, Age, and List Each Course Separately according to the Course Registration Schedule & Fees below. DCE will contact you and invoice directly. We are open to working out payments and we do have some scholarships available for those who demonstrate need.  

HEARTLAND AND INSPIRE Charter Schools students will register directly with DCE. Then you proceed with your Inspire Charter Schools Teacher to obtain an approved Certificate that is processed and paid through Inspire Charter. Choose a maximum of 12 hours per week from the a-la-carte sessions including breaks and lunch. You will see in the schedule that certain classes are made to be in concert with one another. While it is not a hard and fast requirement we highly recommend that when it is noted you choose the two classes that are designed to be taken together. We will do our best to integrate your chosen academic program with our enrichment program and tutoring services.


2. "Package Program"

If you register in this program there is one fixed fee and your student is guaranteed 12 hours per week including breaks and lunch. You can choose sessions from our enrichment and tutoring schedule and we provide the curriculum. When registering please highlight PACKAGE PROGRAM to darezzocenter@gmail.com.  


HEARTLAND & Inspire Charter Schools Home School Students register through Inspire Charter Schools specifying the PACKAGE VENDOR PROGRAM. Then we work with you to design your students program and curriculum that best fits your students individualized program including both enrichment and academic courses. Thank you for your interest in our Package Vendor Program. If you would like to enroll for the Fall 2019-2020 school year, please complete the following steps:


  1. Head over to the Inspire Enrollment page and find your regional enrollment link by entering your zip code.

  2. Complete the Reg-Online enrollment process for Inspire. A video walkthrough is available at your convenience.

  3. Complete the registration process with D'Arezzo Creative Education. 

  4. Attached is our Partnership Certificate, which you will need to upload during the Reg-Online process.

  5. For prospective Inspire families join online info sessions hosted on Zoom:

Every other Thursday at 10:00

Every other Thursday at  4:30

Zoom Link: https://tinyurl.com/inspirepv

Please refer to the calendar on inspireschools.org for specific info session dates & times


We look forward to your child starting our program in the Fall!



Each participant receives individualized support and guidance for discovering their dreams & plan for success in the 21st Century. For the upcoming fall program we will be creative together with you and your child’s teacher, committed to develop the best program that works for your student and your family!


D'Arezzo Creative Productions.

During our Enrichment Program we will continue to develop community awareness and responsibility, and build our own business, D'Arezzo Creative Productions. We will continue to work on budgets, creative marketing, and development of a formal business plan. This next year we will sponsor two events:

1. Santa Barbara's Got Talent

2. Santa Barbara Youth Film Festival of Social Causes

Course schedules

course registration information

read the pdf registration polices

agreement prior to registering:

DCE Member Handbook:

Social club- parent cooperative

Parents are invited to participate in the Parent Cooperative Social Club, each day after DCE Activities and Tutoring are completed.  Parents Volunteer to be present with children for a time of socializing, playing games and getting to know one another! 

TENTATIVE PROGRAMS SCHEDULED: (based on registration)

Monday-Friday Afternoon Program

1PM to 5PM

  • Homework Club- Tutors on site to assist in all subject areas

  • Performance Arts Group and Individual Lessons and Coaching: Music (Music Theory, Voice, Piano, Guitar & Drums), Art & Acting 

  • Entrepreneurship: How to Start and Run a Business

  • Social Enterprise: Using Profits Responsibly in Civic Engagement

  • Website Development Basics (WIX Format)

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint

  • Fitness & Health (PE) Contact for details


5:00PM to 7:00PM

  • Individual Music Lessons Music Theory, Voice, Piano, Guitar & Drums

  • Art Club: Drawing, Painting, Sketching, Graphics

  • Website Development Basics (WIX Format)

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint

  • Entrepreneurship: How to Start and Run a Business

  • Social Enterprise: Using Profits Responsibly in Civic Engagement



Contact Joseph Natale for Specific Schedules & Fees:



D’Arezzo Creative Education Program Course Policy

Discounts, and Cancellation Information, Refund Policy and REGISTRATION POLICIES:


Each family agrees to the following policies upon registering their child:

Registration is on a first-received, first-enrolled basis until the maximum Course size is reached.  If a Course is cancelled, we will notify you at least 24 hours prior to the start of Course. Refund eligibility is not based upon your reason for being unable to attend a Course, even if that reason is beyond your control. It is based solely upon the timing of your refund request, as follows:

• If we receive your request at least one month (30 days) prior to the first day of Course, you will receive a full refund, less a 20% cancellation fee. We do NOT give full refunds due to the fact that we incur fees at the time of your registration. Cancellation fees cover these costs when you cancel. 

• If we receive your request less than one month (29 days or less) prior to the first day of Course, up until the first day of Course, you are not eligible for a refund; however, a Course credit less a 15% cancellation fee will be offered for future Courses.  The student will have until the end of the same academic year to redeem this credit, after which time it will be considered void. This policy also applies to Payment Plan participants.

• If we receive your request once the Course has begun, there are no refunds and you will be responsible for any remaining Course fees that are unpaid. 

• All Courses require advance enrollment, payment, deposit or proof a voucher/certificate has been ordered in order to be guaranteed a spot in the Course. You will receive a confirmation email after your registration has been completed. 

Refund requests must be made via email. We do not accept refund requests over the phone (please respect this).
• Send requests via email to darezzocenter@gmail.com.

• Include your full name, phone number, email address, name of your student, student’s age, Course: Title, Number, Day and Time, begin date, and exact amount of payment.

Changes in Policy and Course Schedule:
D’Arezzo Creative Education reserves the right to combine, add, delete or change courses. D’Arezzo Creative Education also reserves the right to make changes in faculty, program/Course calendar and in any general or specific organizational policy.


To derive the full benefit of the enrichment programs at DCE, it is essential that absences and tardiness be kept to a minimum. The activities are based on participation; therefore, regular attendance is necessary to successfully benefit from them. There are no make-up times, credits or refunds for time missed under any circumstances.

Payment Plans:
Payment plans and scholarships will be on a case-by-case basis only. Please contact Joseph Natale darezzocenter@gmail.com to see if you qualify.

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