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Fall-Winter-Spring 2023=2024 Sessions

We have 2 registration tracks:


ACE PROGRAM (Academic Centered Education)

The ACE Program is a focused Academic Program for college bound students.

There are 3 Options in this Full Core Curriculum Program:

  • SBCE FULL SPECTRUM PLUS Curriculum Package: Cost $200.00 Per Semester

  • PARENT-SBCE COMBINED Curriculum Package: Cost TBD

  • PARENT PROVIDED Curriculum Package: Parents pay for and provide curriculum

SBCE Provides

  • Individualized Tutoring

    • Learning Coaches work with student to determine their highest learning path approach in each core subject.

  • Class Instruction

    • Students participate in group instruction sessions

  • Practical Application Academic Integration Methodology

    • Field Trips

    • Real World Application

    • Research & Discovery

    • Integrate Students Special Interest into Core Academics




Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies

9 Months-36 Weeks of Instruction August 23, 2022-June 1, 2023

High School Entrepreneur Club

  • Learn & Earn

  • Business Plans

  • Financial Management

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Operations

  • Social Enterprise

  • Weekly Sessions (Day/Time To be Arranged)

  • + Intern with Local Business

  • $150.00 Per Month



Tutoring High School Academics

  • Small Group & Individualized

  • Math, ELA, Social Studies, Science, Physical Fitness/Sports

  • 3 Hour Weekly Sessions

  • $150.00 Per Month

  • Day/Times to be arranged


Tutoring Jr. High School Academics

  • Small Group & Individualized

  • Math, ELA, Social Studies, Science, Physical Fitness/Sports

  • 3 Hour Weekly Sessions

  • $150.00 Per Month

  • Day/Times to be arranged

Tutoring Elementary School Academics

  • Small Group & Individualized

  • Math, ELA, Social Studies, Science, Physical Fitness/Sports

  • 3 Hour Weekly Sessions

  • $150.00 Per Month

  • Day/Times to be arranged


Music & Arts Sessions

  • Introduction to Music

  • Theory

  • Rhythm

  • Songwriting

  • Voice

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Music Video Production

  • 3 Hour Weekly Sessions

  • $150.00 per month

  • Day/Times to be arranged

Fall Registration is now open. 


The City of Santa Barbara CO-SPONSORS SBCE

Meeting Location At The Carousel House & Park Plaza

  • There is easy access from Garden Street Exit off the 101.

  • There is a turn around cul-de-sac for easy drop off and pick up.

  • We have walking access to the ocean, pier, sea center, zoo, breakwater, & downtown!



Sessions are listed under Tony J. Natale (D’Arezzo Center for Creative Expression) but if you search for D'Arezzo you will see all of our options pop up. Here is a video of how to place an order in Procurify.

If you are having trouble placing an order please reach out to your HST and they will walk you through the process


    • Art

    • Music

    • Theater-Acting/Performance, Play Writing,

    • Music Editing and Production

    • Photography, Film Making/Editing

    • Nature/Conservation

    • Civic Responsibility

  • Fitness & Health Activities are Included in All Sessions:  

    • Physical Education: All ages & skill levels. Improve fundamental skills, confidence & sportsmanship. Guided into healthy activity, fitness, & eating habits. Build upon existing talents & see tangible results: Basketball, Soccer, Track, Football & More

  • Tutoring-Academic Learning Coaches

    • All Core Classes
    • K-12

  • Entrepreneurship Program (ages 12-18) 

    • Starting & Running Business
    • Building a Formal Business Plan
    • Budgeting & Finance
    • Marketing & Media

    • Implementing Real World Business

    • Social Enterprise, Caring for our LAND, SEA and PEOPLE

    • Social Enterprise/Entrepreneurship Class under the guidance and direction of Joseph Natale, an internationally experienced Social Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial youth learn to develop unique and profitable businesses that give back to their community by allocating a portion of their profits to social causes helping land, sea and people. Learning Objectives: Organizational Development, Budgeting & Financial Management, Market Analysis, Marketing, Planning and Implementation. Participants earn shares in an active company and learn Pure Social Enterprise

    • Youth Run Company Example:


D'Arezzo Creative Education is ready to accept registration for the Fall 2023 Semester.


We have designed a family choice academic education support and enrichment program that meets the many family needs that have been expressed by our families over the last 4 years. 


We have set up "Covid19-compliant"  Predominantly Outdoor, learning stations, and have small numbers of participants.

Our ENRICHMENT SESSIONS will include ART, MUSIC LESSONS, CHOIR, BANDS, MUSIC EDITING, FILM MAKING and VIDEO EDITING, ACTING and more! We offer SPECIAL GUEST Instructors and our ZOOM AROUND THE WORLD with interesting people and professions!

We pride ourselves with our focus on enriching and tutoring K-12. We will have block schedules available all day. The first sessions are focused on Academics and afternoons are focused on Enrichment in the Arts. We will end with Special Sessions in Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise.

D’Arezzo Creative Education Youth are honored to have played a small part in the new song by Tay Da Prince and John Legend. The message to Love One Another is something we all need. Our Youth have joined to help raise funds for children across the USA and soon will be raising funds for local youth education programs and conservation projects!

Watch the video at: LOVE ONE ANOTHER

Have Questions? Email or call:

Joseph D'Arezzo Natale

Director D'Arezzo Creative Education



You are welcome to to review our activities and tutoring schedule noted below. If you are part of a Charter School Program or Home School Program you may be able to use funds allocated for enrichment. Our fee schedule is noted below on the schedule. We are recommending Connections Academy as a good, fully funded, Virtual Public School as good partnership with our Learning Coaches, but will work with any child and curriculum.


Enrichment Program:

Humanities, Performance, Art, Music, Conservation, Social Awareness expressed through Artistic projects, Entrepreneurship: The children learn about the real world, in the real world. First we research, Then we apply what we study. Everything we do is fun and enriching, but also includes real world learning. We demonstrate what has been learned and how we have been enriched through many artistic expressions, such as plays, writing poems, speeches, music, art, photographs, and videos.

Academic Programs: Learning/Homework Labs

Youth bring their own curriculum for core subjects. 

These may include:

  • Homeschool Family Choice Curriculum,

  • Charter School Curriculum,

  • Public School Curriculum

General Registration and Fee Schedule

Space is limited. We have space for 25 youth with Learning Coaches at any one time.

Registration will be accepted according to Date of Receipt of Registration Packet and Paid Registration Fee.

Each Separate/Individual onsite Station ranges from 5 to 10 Students.

Monthly Registration Required.

Payment in advance required

Discounts offered for advance payment for one full semester..

There is a $50 Non-Refundable Registration  & Materials Fee. If you do not activate your registration or choose not to participate, your $50 Registration Fee will not be refunded.

To Register follow the following process:

1.     Send an Email to 

2.     Include the following information

o   Youth Name​

o   Youth Age & Birth date

o   Parent/Guardian Name

o   Parent/Guardian Email

o   Parent/Guardian Phone Number

o   Youth Registered as Homeschool, Charter School, Public School, Other

3.     Send detailed request for preferred Schedule​

o   Specific Day(s) per week​

o   Specific Block Schedule (Enrichment, GYM, Tutor Lab)

o   Specific Times for Each Block Schedule

Participants must be registered in specific scheduled sessions. If the Participant misses a session there is no make-up due, but in some special cases, upon request, DCE may permit make-up hours as space is available.  Once a Participant's schedule is set, changes cannot be made unless space becomes available.  

Charter School Notes

Charter School Participants are limited to a maximum number of scheduled session hours per week. Check with your Charter School, but normally the maximum including breaks is  12 hours per week.  This maximum includes instruction sessions and tutoring hours totaled together.  The Entrepreneurship Program may not be considered part of the Charter School Program total hours per week if you do not use Charter School Funds and choose to pay out of pocket. It is your responsibility to Check with your Charter School to receive a determination. If your Charter School Funds do not cover the total costs, you may pay the difference out of pocket. While the Package Program does not allow for this, the A-La-Cart Main Program Does.

Entrepreneurship Program

Participants Interested in the Entrepreneurship Program may apply directly to Joseph Natale via email:

In Subject Area write: APPLY Entrepreneurship. Participant will provide Name, Age and describe interest in the program. 

Participant should copy Parents/Guardian on email. Joseph Natale will respond and spots will be awarded.


Scholarships may be available through SBACT Youth Advocacy Fund. 

Scholarships will be considered by completing an application. For Application write to Joseph Natale at and write "Scholarship" in the subject area to receive the application.

D’Arezzo Creative Education Program Course Policy

Discounts, and Cancellation Information, Refund Policy and REGISTRATION POLICIES:


Each family agrees to the following policies upon registering their child:

Registration is on a first-received, first-enrolled basis until the maximum Station size is reached.  If a Session is cancelled, we will notify you at least 24 hours prior to the start of Session. Refund eligibility is not based upon your reason for being unable to attend a Session, even if that reason is beyond your control. It is based solely upon the timing of your refund request, as follows:

• If we receive your request at least one month (30 days) prior to the first day of the Session, you will receive a full refund, less a 20% cancellation fee. We do NOT give full refunds due to the fact that we incur fees at the time of your registration. Cancellation fees cover these costs when you cancel. 

• If we receive your request less than one month (29 days or less) prior to the first day of the upcoming month, you are not eligible for a refund; however, a Session credit less a 15% cancellation fee will be offered for future Courses.  The participant will have until the end of the same academic year to redeem this credit, after which time it will be considered void. This policy also applies to Payment Plan participants.

• If we receive your request once the Month has begun, there are no refunds and you will be responsible for any remaining Session fees that are unpaid. 

• All Sessions require advance enrollment, payment, deposit or proof a voucher/certificate has been ordered in order to be guaranteed a spot in the Session. You will receive a confirmation email after your registration has been completed. 

Refund requests must be made via email. We do not accept refund requests over the phone or in person (please respect this).
• Send requests via email to

• Include your full name, phone number, email address, name of your child, child's age, Session: Title, Number, Day and Time, begin date, and exact amount of payment.

Changes in Policy and Session Schedule:
D’Arezzo Creative Education reserves the right to combine, add, delete or change sessions. D’Arezzo Creative Education also reserves the right to make changes in faculty, program/session calendar and in any general or specific organizational policy.


To derive the full benefit of the enrichment programs at DCE, it is essential that absences and tardiness be kept to a minimum. The activities are based on participation; therefore, regular attendance is necessary to successfully benefit from them. There are no make-up times, credits or refunds for time missed under any circumstances.

Payment Plans:
Payment plans and scholarships will be on a case-by-case basis only. Please contact Joseph Natale to see if you qualify.


Download, Complete and Send to:

Registration Contract

Media Release 

Covid19 Waiver

Introduction Letter

Enrichment Policies

Field Trip Agreement

DCE Handbook

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